Today’s Inspiration: As you wish

fashion; velvet, gray, tulle, blush, pink, coffee

Sometimes, I just want what I want … when I want it. I just want to have someone respond to my every request and whim, with “as you wish!” And right now, I’m having a major blush, blue and gray moment. And, everyday is a coffee moment. I’m working on a longer post with several Valentine’s Day/Night outfit ideas for you. Until then, enjoy this dose of Inspiration.     Links to Sources: Tulle midi skirt from Zulily – $20 |  Blush wide ankle strap heels from Topshop – $75 Silk peony flowers on Etsy – $11 | As You Wish […]

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Winter Skincare: Philosophy’s Falling in Love Line

skingcare; body cream; lotion; exfoliation; dry skin;

Winter has arrived! And, with it comes my annual quest for moisture and better skincare. I live in the south, so there aren’t too many days in the year where I’m fully covered up. With the exception of a few really cold days (oddly, like the ones we’ve been having in Atlanta here lately), I typically have toes peeping out of a bootie, skin peeking through a ripped jean, a shoulder being gently hugged by an off-the-shoulder top,or legs freely baring themselves under a skirt. So, skin is always in where I live. That said, I have incredibly sensitive, red, […]

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Control Your Calendar in 2018

Hey friends! It’s the end of the first week of January. How’s your calendar looking? If you’re like me, you are probably juggling a million different commitments, to-dos and trying to squeeze in some ‘me time’ all while responding to emails that piled up over the holidays. Does it always seem time is moving too quickly and you are always running right behind it screaming, “wait for me! Wait for me!” In my teens and 20s, I was constantly chasing time, and I was almost always late. A lot of factors played into that, but it was something I knew […]

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What’s The Plan? Top Planner Picks for 2018

Hey Friends! It’s almost 2018, which means I’ve had my planner for several weeks and I’ve been waiting to fill in my appointments, important dates and plans (my husband calls this act, where I spread out all my planner materials, my “pageantry”). Yes, I’m someone who still likes a paper planner. I like having a book to stick notes in. I like writing and doodling, and I love organizing my planner. About two years ago, I embarked on what seemed to be a never-ending journey to find the perfect planner. I joined Facebook Groups, solicited opinions and even printed my […]

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Move Over Goal Setting! Intentions are in the Driver’s Seat in 2018

It’s that time of year – the holidays are quickly coming to an end. I should be fully focused on the merriment of time with friends and family, and I should be relaxing and enjoying my time off from work. But, I’m an incredibly driven, goal-seeking person. So, here I am reviewing my 2017 resolutions (which, in my opinion is just a fancy word for goals). And, I’ve spent a disproportionate amount time celebrating my wins vs. beating myself up over the goals I didn’t hit <- Why do we do that to ourselves? Here’s the thing: just about any […]

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My True Love

On a November day, my Dad checked into the hospital for surgery. My parents arrived a bit early and popped into the gift shop where Mom found this Santa that says “My One True Love” on it. She wanted it badly, and Dad knew it. Skipping ahead – Dad spent Thanksgiving in a coma as well as their anniversary on Nov. 30 as things didn’t go so well. But, he had the foresight to ask my brother to make sure, no matter what, my mom got this on their anniversary. After all, through 35+ years of ups and downs, she […]

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