Fast and Easy Skincare for Sensitive Skin

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  Hey Friends! I’m often asked about my skincare routine and what products I use. I have dry, sensitive and red skin, so I’m very cautious about what I put on my face. However, I’m completely unafraid to try out new products to get the skin I really want! First and foremost, thanks to my sweet mom for making me learn and practice good skincare at a young age. In fact, I had to practice consistent skincare before I could wear makeup, and it was the best thing for me! Now, to answer the questions, here’s what I’m currently using […]

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Winter Skincare: Philosophy’s Falling in Love Line

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Winter has arrived! And, with it comes my annual quest for moisture and better skincare. I live in the south, so there aren’t too many days in the year where I’m fully covered up. With the exception of a few really cold days (oddly, like the ones we’ve been having in Atlanta here lately), I typically have toes peeping out of a bootie, skin peeking through a ripped jean, a shoulder being gently hugged by an off-the-shoulder top,or legs freely baring themselves under a skirt. So, skin is always in where I live. That said, I have incredibly sensitive, red, […]

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