What is your version of having it allIs it a blossoming career? Work/life balance? A closet full of beautiful clothes? The home of your dreams? The ability to work for yourself? A balanced, organized and productive life?

Her Inspired Life was born of the idea that every woman can live her best life – she truly can have it all. No matter what your version of having it all is, this blog is here to help you find the strategies, products, people and places to live your best life.

I’m Erin Meadows, and I’m the lady behind the keyboard here at Her Inspired Life. Just like you, I’m trying to live my best life. I’m always looking for ways to simplify life, take care of myself, design a lovely home and succeed in business. And, just like you, I’ve got my struggles and I’ve hit my fair share of roadblocks along the way.

I hope you’ll find some helpful tips, tricks and conversations here that will guide you in living your best life. If you have any ideas for topics that would be a good fit for Her Inspired Life, I want to hear from you. Just email me at erin@herinspiredlife.com.