My First Dia & Co Box Open

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I’m so excited to share with you my very first Dia & Co box opening! Plus size clothing delivery can be in your future, too.

Let’s be honest – I’m completely fine to sit back and let someone do my shopping for me. In fact, I’ve got a pretty good arrangement where food, groceries, gifts and a number of other items just magically appear at my door. And, I’m not mad at it!

But, one thing I was never confident in having delivered to my door is clothes. It’s hard enough finding things in the store, and now companies dare to ask me to just trust them to send me clothes! I was a skeptic, to say the least. I mean, I have some lumps and bumps – how would a complete stranger even begin to know which lumps and bumps I’m willing on put on display?

Enter Dia & Co The mind reader, fashion-in-a-box, delivered-to-your-door, live-like-you-are-rich company that just rocked my world.

Don’t take my [written] word for it. Watch me actually get all worked up over my first Dia & Co box!


So, it felt like Christmas! And, I still can’t believe that my stylist took time to send me clothes based off inspiration I’ve posted here. Dia & Co is not phoning it in. They are serious about the 70 percent of us who are plus size fashionistas.

Let’s check out the first outfit that was based on some of my Valentine’s Day inspirations. You’ll see it is a little big on me, but this was a fantastic first round pick from my stylist!


Okay, now the real test. Do these jeans actually accommodate these hips and butt. And, will I need to suffer for a half a day to break them in. Let’s squeeze in them and make this happen!


There you have it – my first Dia & Co. box opening. I can’t wait for my next one to arrive!

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