Winter Skincare: Philosophy’s Falling in Love Line

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Winter has arrived! And, with it comes my annual quest for moisture and better skincare.

I live in the south, so there aren’t too many days in the year where I’m fully covered up. With the exception of a few really cold days (oddly, like the ones we’ve been having in Atlanta here lately), I typically have toes peeping out of a bootie, skin peeking through a ripped jean, a shoulder being gently hugged by an off-the-shoulder top,or legs freely baring themselves under a skirt. So, skin is always in where I live.

That said, I have incredibly sensitive, red, flaky skin, and it gets even worse in the winter. Like you, I drink plenty of water, but I still need some extra help in the form of skincare products. On top of that, I’m in that special age group of 35-45 where my hormones give me the gift of dry skin one day and a random pimple on the chin the next. Because of this, I’m not only  on the lookout for good skincare products in the witer, but I’m also cautious what I put on my body and my face.

So, I’ve started my 2018 quest for hydration and better skincare, and I’ve decided to Philosophy’s Falling in Love line, which should meet this brand’s promise of inspiring, “beautiful skin as well as beautiful days with products that consistently deliver instantly visible results.” That’s a big promise, so let’s see if it delivers.

Here’s the products I tried out and what I think about them.

Philosophy Falling in Love Perfumed Olive Oil Body Scrub 

skincare; exfoliation; sugar scrub; salt scrub; olive oil scrub; PhilosophyPromises:

  • The olive oil scrub is formulated with olive oil to help replenish lost moisture on your newly rejuvenated skin.
  • Falling in Love is a romantic fragrance, created to make you feel romantic and sensual.
  • Experience the embrace of grace and love in your everyday life

My Experience:

While I’m not sure how sensual I feel when I use this product, I can tell you it makes my skin very soft – I’m guessing from the olive oil base, which also makes my skin glisten. Also, I have those ‘chicken skin’ bumps on the tops of my arms and legs and this is one of the best products I’ve tried to smooth them out. Finally, unlike many scrubs I’ve tried, this one is very gentle and doesn’t leave my skin red and angry immediately following the scrub. I honestly don’t think you could use this scrub too frequently. I use mine nearly daily.

Philosophy Falling in Love Whipped Body Creme 

skincare; body cream; lotion; exfoliation; dry skin;


  • Lightweight, whipped texture melts onto skin
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin
  • in is left silky soft and lightly fragranced

My Experience:

I’ve never gone through a cream faster than this one – not because it is small, but because  I slather this all over my arms and legs after each shower, before bed and throughout the day. And, it feels like therapy for my skin. You know that feeling when your skin is crying out for moisture, you give it some, and your skin just drinks it up? That’s exactly how my achy, dry, winter skin feels when I put this on. It is heavenly.

Philosophy Falling in Love Spray Fragrance

skincare; perfume; fragrance; body sprayPromises:

  • Sensual fragrance
  • A delicious, sparkling berry scent
  • Embrace your romantic side

My Experience:

Again, I’m not sure how sensual this makes me feel (PS – if I ever find a beauty product that makes me feel sensual, you’ll be the first to know, I promise!), but I will tell you that this fragrance (and the whole line) has a very subtle smell. This is great for me because I’m sensitive to scents. This isn’t overwhelming at all. In fact, my elementary-school-aged niece, my mother-in-law and I all wear this fragrance and love it. That’s a multi-generational win!




Overall, I find philosophy to be a pretty solid skincare line. I’ve yet come across a product that was a disappointment. From its clean and feminine packaging to its simple and fresh scents and its super-moisturizing elements that my skin just drinks up, the Falling in Love line is definitely one I’d recommend trying.

And, while we are talking about Philosophy: I’ve just kicked off a new ‘full bottle’ product review of philosophy skincare (for the face) products. I won’t be posting my review of these for a while, as the full bottle review requires me to use up the entire bottle of something before I make my final decision on it. So, stay tuned! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.





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